Why an Academy?

The Amazon Academy is a training ground, founded on the principles of embodiment, empowerment & emancipation.

Rarely these days is an Amazon born an Amazon, so anyone who desires to be one must train to uncover their inherent Wonder Woman nature.

We’ll support you with physical practices, virtual interactions and in-person gatherings and training so that you can begin to access your true Amazonian nature.

You’ll develop your Amazonian-ness in these arenas:

Brawn–How strong are you?
Brains–How wise are you?
Beauty–How easily do you ‘walk in beauty’, as the Navaho/Diné say?
Bounty–Are you abundant enough to feel you can give it away, and still wear your treasures each day?
Community–How interconnected are you to all-that-is?

With an aim to “awaken the heart to action”, the Amazon Academy offers you the playing grounds to know the powa of sensitivity that horses live by, to learn how to hit a self-selected target, to experience fire-making in the rain, to meet the land, water, air, animals and plant beings, not as a tourist, but as a comrade.