What about the men?

For those male-identified folk keen on upping their Amazonian-ness, we have the Amazon Allies. In ancient times the Amazons were actually whole nomadic tribes of the Eurasian Steppes, made up of women, men and children.

As women gain ground in their embodiment, empowerment and emancipation, everyone benefits, yet the realm of true equality is relatively new. We want to offer the opportunity for the men to evolve with us.

The best description we’ve heard of an Amazon Ally is ‘a man who can handle a woman who can handle herself’! Our in-person Amazons Amass gatherings will include a facilitator for the male focus, separate from the female. Then we’ll gather together to collaborate and unify forces.

Here’s what Phil Townshend, our key Amazon Ally facilitator has to say:

What is our true potential? What are the mechanisms that allow us to go from a constricted life, to an open, expanded life? I’m excited to see what we can  embody, and to observe how that radiates outward. It’s my honor to offer my knowledge of energy cultivation through meditation, qi gong, and understanding the body. By transforming ourselves we can transform our world, and we can have loads of fun while we are at it!

I think that heart based awareness (and just generally getting out of our heads) is a big factor for Amazon Allies, in terms of being allies to women and balanced human beings. Also it’s an absolute prerequisite for anything more powerful or magical in terms of doing ritual.