First Summer


Stepping into MYOGA Seasons with Summer 1 is a great place to begin, as it’s action-packed in the energy centre in the navel, Manipura. Fire is our element here & there are a couple of heating pranayams (breath practices) that may be new to you.

Something else that may be new to you as you move into Intermediate level practice is Mula Bandha, which means root lock or seal. This is performed (at least in how we do it, which is modeled after the Kundalini Yoga method) by squeezing the anus, sex organ & navel in and up. If you find that you really need to take a step back & get the Basics sorted, those practices are now super cheap!



Every two weeks of the First Summer Season you’ll receive a new yoga practice video. The first three will be 30 minutes, the fourth will be the full 90 minute practice and a few days after that you’ll also receive the 45 minute Flows, or vinyasa, version.

Obviously, the more you do each practice, the more integrated the material becomes in your being. These seasonal practices operate on many levels as they each include a mudra, a mantra, a bit of poetry, something for core strength and something else to cultivate humor—a key skill!

You will also receive Virtual Support in the form of additional videos, tips and provocations including a live interactive Q & A to aid you in more deeply exploring and embodying the materials over the 7 weeks.


If you’re menstruating, especially in the first 3 days, you may choose to forego the intensive breathings, as the natural flow of things is down & out.

If you’re pregnant please don’t do it at all & in fact please don’t do Seasons but instead move to Mamas! These precautions for Mula Bandha also follow for Agni Sara & Breath of Fire, the pranayam practices. Stick with Ujjayi Pranayam if you’re unsure & feel free to contact me privately.

That being said, now we’re ready to cultivate commitment by building heat & awareness at the stem! Which means, in practice, opening and strengthening the core all-the-way-around . What fun!


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