Is this for you in 2019?

Do you want to access your inherent brawn, brains, beauty, bounty & community?

Do you know deep down that you’re stronger than you think?

Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you and step into your wholeness?

Maybe you’ve already tried yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, or therapy, but you are still looking for that deep sense of strength, wisdom & beauty.

Here’s why the Amazon Academy really works:

Founded on the principles of Embodiment, Empowerment & Emancipation, the Amazon Academy supports you with a potent combination of yoga-inspired practices, virtual interactions and in-person gatherings and training that will uncover your true Amazonian nature.

So if 2019 is your year to really access your inner Wonder Woman then here’s how you jump on board…

You’ll take your first step by cultivating your inherent physical strength: Brawn. Our offering to support you in this is MYOGA Seasons:  an online series of seasonal yoga practices for you to practice at home.

Experience a taste of MYOGA Seasons with a FREE in-season yoga practice…

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Still not sure?

You might be hesitant because of fear of getting it wrong or uncertainty about how to proceed.

We understand.

We want to make this program accessible to every body & that’s why we provide a free trial, interactive support & forums where you can post your concerns & a progressive seasonally-rooted series with additional referrals on where & how to support or go deeper.

And we host in-person gatherings and trainings, where you can take your Seasons training off the mat, hone your Amazonian skills and connect with the Amazon Academy community.

Let's Gather Together

In-Person Gatherings & How to Prepare for Them At-Home

Seasonal Gatherings & Trainings

Locations around New Zealand. Every Season 

  • Our next Gathering will be June 20 -23, Marahau. Click here for more information & to register your interest.
  • If you’d like to be informed of future Gatherings, please register your interest here.

In these, we’ll go deeper and wider yet again as we actively take the Seasons trainings off the mat, out of the house or studio, and out into what we think of as the wilds. Now, together in person, all of the provocations, awarenesses and skill-building we’ve been working on privately will be put into action.

We’ll learn combat skills, how to build fire, connect to horses, try out marksmanship, explore conscious communication and much more!

Check out our amazing Amazon facilitators to get a greater sense of what will be on offer. As much as possible, we’ll have a concurrent Amazon Ally offering.

Let's Gather Together

Brawn: Your Physical Practice

Online • NZ$49 per Season 

This is the easiest way to lock into the energies we’re exploring in each Season, including the qualities of that time of year wherever you are, as well as the super-powas you possess in each chakra/energy centre. With these home yoga practices, we’re focusing on Embodiment.

This level is your regular investment of time, space and energy into the physical realm. Our offering to support you is MYOGA Seasons:  an online series of seasonal yoga practices for you to practice at home.

Each Season builds upon the last and prepares for the next so you all-ways start wherever you step in. Yet, year after year the evolution continues as you spiral-ascend yourSelf.

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Brains: Virtual Interaction & Support

Online • Included in the MYOGA Seasons packages

How much are you aware of what it is you do, and ‘who you be’?

When you enroll in the MYOGA Seasons home yoga practices, you’ll now also receive regular support videos, as well as written provocations, tips, insights and support that will take you to deeper levels of the home practices.

With the added virtual-interaction layer, of videos  and text providing deeper meaning and a wider gaze of the material we’re exploring privately in home practice, we develop awareness, accountability and the beginning levels of Amazonian-ness. With awareness comes the empowerment of knowing your tools, materials and skills.

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