Foundational Practices

The structure and practices of MYOGA Seasons are the foundational level of the Amazon Academy.

Melissa systematized her yoga teaching in 2010 to integrate the 7 chakras of yogic anatomy with the 4 traditional seasons in order to put into practice the principal trust the longer journey. 

For 7 weeks you’ll focus on a particular field of internal and external energetics. Although that pie-shape in the circular calendar hones in on one area of practice, like hip opening or arm balancing, each practice contains all the necessary elements to warm the body into the chosen “tricky” poses and then integrate from that intensity.

Every two weeks of the Season you’ll receive a new yoga practice video. The first three will be 30 minutes, the fourth will be the full 90 minute practice and a few days after that you’ll also receive the 45 minute Flows, or vinyasa, version. 

Obviously, the more you do each practice, the more integrated the material becomes in your being. These seasonal practices operate on many levels as they each include a mudra, a mantra, a bit of poetry, something for core strength and something else to cultivate humor—a key skill! 

You will also receive Virtual Support in the form of additional videos, tips and provocations including a live interactive Q & A to aid you in more deeply exploring and embodying the materials over the 7 weeks.

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