2019 Program

The 2019 program, as we’re currently based in Aotearoa New Zealand, will be run from the Southern Hemisphere Seasons. We begin at the sun’s zenith on Solstice with the MYOGA Seasonal focus of First Summer, Manipura Chakra, East Direction.

For 52 days, about 7 weeks, we’ll be steeped in strengthening the core all-the-way-around, activating our powas of assimilation, setting our sights to commit, learning what lights our fire & how to stay “lit”. This Season spans 13 Dec 2018 – 3 Feb 2019.

The MYOGA seasonal practices are truly transformational. It doesn’t happen fast, but if you stick with it, over the years you’ll see incredible change in yourself. The first year my body was transformed by the challenge of {practicing consistently} – this came as improved strength, better posture, alignment, body awareness. The second year my mind got more of a work out and transformation – improved concentration, focus, and a sense of control over myself and my choices. And then in the third year, I felt those benefits as a transformation of spirit – this expresses itself as happiness and contentment, no more low-level anxiety. I started these practices when I was 50, and I can honestly say at 54 I feel stronger, younger, and more vibrant and vital than I’ve felt in my life!”– Sue Kerr, Wolfville, Nova Scotia